Let us triple verify your email list for the most accurate bulk verification possible

List Verification

Trumail provides a fast and simple bulk email list verification service. In order to provide you with the most accurate and consistent results we make sure to verify all addresses that pass through our bulk system 3 times. We do our best to complete orders as soon as possible in the order they are recieved and need your email data to produce an accurate price quote. We do our best to respond to inquies as soon as possible.

Full bulk verification turnaround time depends on the length of the list and most orders are completed within 72 hours.

Privacy Policy

To protect you and your users contact information, we DO NOT store or share any lookup data on our own servers unless otherwise specified. Trumail is a basic API service and we therefore have no database to store data in. All that is currently collected are request logs in order to debug issues with the API, all of which are pruned every 1,500 messages (according to Herokus documentation).

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